History Harvest Artifacts

Each of the artifacts below was contributed by a member of the IU community. We’ve tagged them as “sentimental” or “practical” artifacts according to how the contributor described that artifact’s significance to them.

In addition to a collection of IUB artifacts, our class also explored related items in local archives and museum collections.

A pink teddy bear

an anonymous participant

An 11 year old pink Teddy Bear. About 12 inches tall. Multicolored strings attached to the ears. Pink and blue patch on top of head. From Phillipines.

Faux Leather Wallet

Eric Ware

A black, faux-leather, bi-fold wallet. The outside face is smooth, while the inside face contains four tiered pockets on each side of the fold to hold business cards, credit cards,...

Wedding Band

Mary Ton

A ring about 7/8" in diameter made out of Damascus steel with wavy patterns.

Pocket Protector

Eric Ware

A cheap pocket protector utilized to hold fountain pens.

Nasty Knitter pin

Kalani Craig

Small, metal, pink pin that says "Nasty Knitter" with the female gender sign.

Paris Keychain

Dayjah Lee

The object is a tiny Eiffel Tower. It is turquoise and appears to be made of aluminum. It is broken from multiple use so it sits on my desk. It...

Garmin running watch

Anna Bailey

A white running watch with a black band. Touch screen display that offers time, date, and unlockable screen to access different options within the technology. Side buttons that include controls,...


Neelam Patel

A silver Lenovo laptop with stickers. They are a bit worn, but I have had gradually added them since freshman year.

Laptop+ Case and Stickers

Salina Tesfagiorgis

I have a MacBook air, and a dark green case that holds some stickers that technically express my interests. There's a sticker of Angela Davis, one of the 1984 Olympics,...

Arabian Nights

Jonathan Caudell

8.5 x 1.2 x 10.8 inches, weighing roughly 2.6 pounds

Timberland Boots

Brian Robusto

Beige steel-toe boots with black leather top and yellow and red laces. 6" with steel toes on each shoe.

G&L Guitar

Benjamin Dance

Black G&L Guitar with Turtle Shell Scratch Protector/ Blue Indigo Strap

Family Photo

Katie Jamison

4"x6" picture of my family of 4 celebrating Easter with bunny ears on our head. It is one of few pictures with every member of my immediate family included and...

Dance Shoes

Tara Rosenwinkel

Women's size 6 tan-colored, half-shoes with two elastic bands that go around the heel/ankle.

Promise Ring

Chelsea Villatoro

A small silver promise ring given by the participant's father to the participant's mother upon leaving for America.

Phone Case Wallet

Kasey Konz

A wallet that is attached to the back of a cell phone to hold up to 4 credit cards, debit cards, ID, etc. Black with IU logo and recreational sports...

My Vans

Heather Hoffmeyer

These are some shoes that have a tan sole, checkerboard pattern, black toe area, white laces, a white mid-sole, and they are a size 8 in women's.

Pansexual Pride Pin

Sarah Gray

It is a small, heart-shaped, metal pin that is blue, yellow, and pink to represent pansexual pride colors. It was purchased from Amazon and is normally worn on a backpack....

Paint Brush

Sydney Smith

An old tin can that's filled with paint brushes and other art tools

Orgo Book

Michael Tetzloff

Traditional-looking Organic Chemistry textbook that is 8.8" x 2" x 11.2" weighing rougly 6 pounds.

Feminist Pins

Zoe Swayne

A collection of pins that represent my personal political views, specifically feminsim and LGBTQ+ rights.

NanoBlock Eiffel Tower

Kalani Craig

This Nanoblock model of the Eiffel tower is simultaneously a reminder of research, family, and overseas travel.

1894 Stromberg-Carlson Telephone

Skyler Zenisek

The object is a telephone, manufactured .ca 1894 by Stromberg-Carlson and restored to working condition by the participant.

Family Photo

Sofia Ramirez

This is a family photo of Sofia Ramirez with her two parents at her senior night.

My Chemical Romance T-shirt

Jonathan Hosey

A black graphic t-shirt with the text "My Chemical Romance" on top in one font and "[The Black Parade](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Black_Parade)" in another.

Mega Venusaur Pin

Samantha Demmerle

A shiny enamel pin of the Pokémon Venusaur in its mega evolved form. It had a gold trim, and a silver back, with a black plastic stopper.

Pencil Case

Sara Duke

This is a pencil case that is designed to look like an old check out card from a library book.

Apple Computer VGA to Thunderbolt adaptor

Daniel Story

A white adaptor, approximately 2 inches from end to end, for a VGA cable to a Thunderbolt port on a Macbook, circa 2015